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K P Astrology an Excellent and pure Vedic System of Astrological Predictions

KP System of astrology is an excellent system of astrological predictions developed and advocated by the great Indian astrologer, late Prof. K.S. Krishnamurti. It is the most advanced system of astrology, which is away from the following flaws of Vedic Astrology.

Generally many people might have experienced that predicting of timing of the events is very difficult or even impossible by using Vedic or any other system. Especially in case of twin births, birth charts of the both remain almost same in Vedic system. But, in exact sense, there is always a lot of difference in them. If you want a precise answer for any of your query it is very difficult to obtain in conventional astrology.

In conventional horary astrology if more than one person approaches you at the same time it becomes very difficult to give accurate predictions, as their charts more or less remain the same. Major Differences of KP from Vedic System:

KP System overcomes the shortcomings of conventional astrology and gives you the exact predictions. The following are the major differences of KP from Vedic System that make it a unique system.

It gives importance to the divisions of constellations or stars of the Zodiac, which is obviously most needed for precise prediction. Further, in this system, each Constellation is further divided into 9 subdivisions called ’subs’ based on Vimshottari Dashas Divisions System.

K.P. System uses the most accurate K.P. Ayanamshas for making your birth chart.

It uses Bhava Beginnings opposed to Vedic System that uses Bhava Centres.

KP System is based on the principle that a planet gives results in its Dasha as per the lord of the star in which it is posited rather than by itself.

The benefic or malefic results of a planet will be decided by the Planet’s Sub. Hence planet is the source, planet’s Star-Lord shows the effects and results, and planet’s sub explains final direction of that result.

KP System applied its own unique concept of ‘ruling planets’ for powerful divine guidance to give exact predictions.

This system is tested and found to give predictions for accurate timing of events.

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     A planet generally gives the result of the house which it occupies, owns and aspectes; also of the house and the matter of which it is a Karaka.  So it is termed as the Significator of that house or matter.

     In the horoscope the sign is on the cusp of each house. Aplanet alwasys occupies the sign and it's strength is determined according as it occupies it's own sign, exalted sign or debilitated sign.  So the occupant is stronger than the owner of the sign.

     Similarly, the Sign is the 1/12 th part of the Zodiac, while the Constellation or Star is the 1/27 th  part of the Zodiac. So the Constellation or Star is stronger than the Sign.

     Hence in the Nakshatr system which is the real Vedic system a planet gives the results indicated by it's star lord and it is called the significator of the houses signified by it's star lord in the strict sense of the term.

     The order of preference regarding the significators of each house is generally determined as under :-

     (a)     A planet in the star of the occupant is stronger than occupant.

     (b)     If there be no planet in the occupant's star consider the occupant.

     (c)     If the house is vacant, consider the planet in the star of the owner of that house.

     (d)     If the house be vacant and if there be no planet in the star of the owner of that house, consider
              the owner of that house.

     (e)     A planet in conjunction or association with, or aspected by the strong significator gives the results
              of the house or houses denoted by that significator.

     (f)     A planet in the star of the planet aspecting the house e.g. supose Saturn in 5th house and it
              aspects the 7th, 11th and 2nd house. So the planet in the star of saturn will give the results of the
              2nd , 7th , and 11th house.